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Alison and Andrew {Engaged} Lake Norman, NC

I’m so excited to photograph Alison and Andrew’s wedding this April in Charlotte!   They love the outdoors and camping, so Lake Norman State Park was a perfect location for their engagement portrait session…  It was a gorgeous, sun kissed afternoon, and Alison and Andrew were wonderful in front of the camera!

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Jackson discovers the beach!

A couple of weeks ago, I talked Jay into heading to the beach for a couple days.  I feel like we are so lucky to live where we do, just hours from the ocean or the mountains…so there’s always an adventure nearby!  {For those of you that don’t know this yet, I have a serious case of the itchy feet.  I don’t want to ever live anywhere other than where I do now, but I LOVE to travel and go anywhere!}

We hadn’t been anywhere lately between weddings, holidays, and just normal things that get in the way of just taking off.  So, when my buddies Jeremy and Debby Deal of Lunahzon Photography happened to mention on Facebook that they were kind of itching to run off to the beach… well, that was my perfect excuse!

We never get family portraits taken, and there are so few with me in them, period {every vacation, it looks like I wasn’t even there!}…I had to jump at the chance to have such a talented duo photograph my family at one of my favorite places.

Jackson has been to the beach twice before, but of course, he was little {7 weeks when we went for me to photograph a beach wedding, and again with friends when he was 5 months old}…. So, this was the first time he could really interact with what was going on around him.  Things went really well, at first.  {Maybe I shouldn’t say it, but my kiddo is pretty darn photogenic…}

Then…. he discovered sand.  First, that he could rub his feet in it and it felt really cool and weird on his feet… but once he got his hands on it, it was all over!  No amount of jumping in the air, making silly sounds and faces, crinkling paper, or offers of puffs would distract him from his new goal- fully immersing himself in as much sand as he could!  Even when we picked him up, he would lunge back to the ground.   Who knew that was going to happen?

In spite of this, Debby and Jeremy got some incredible portraits, that I am so proud and happy to have to document this time in Jackson’s life.  I can’t thank you guys enough!!!

So…. here are some of the photos…but do me a favor and go click their facebook link and give them some love–they deserve it! :)

beach portraits

father and son portraitportrait session on the beach

family beach portrait{I thought this was so cute and clever! :) }

And this one is my favorite so far….  Doesn’t he just look like “mom and dad, you are soooo embarassing….”

family beach portrait

Thanks again to the dynamic duo at Lunahzon Photography… please do go check them out and send some love their way! :)

Laura and Ke {wedding} The Arbors

Laura and Ke’s wedding was one of the most fun and unusual I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph.  Every detail was handmade and gorgeous… from the handcrafted paper bouquets and boutonnières, to the pie stand made from trees on Laura’s family land, to the programs made by graphic designer groom Ke….

I knew I would love this wedding from the second I spoke to Laura on the phone…how can you not love someone who laughs all the time?  This is a couple with a love for life and laughter, and I must say, just being around them brightened my day…from the initial phone call to the in person meeting, to our fun bridal portrait session in the freezing cold creek.

These two met at a Motley Crue concert…after bonding over their mutual loves of green tea and hair metal, they have been inseparable ever since.  What a coooooolllll love story! <3

By the way, you can see these guys FEATURED in the newest issue of Carolina Bride Magazine….rock on! :)

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