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I grew up loving history and old photographs.  In high school, I was an editor, writer, and photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook.  It was such a thrill to know I was capturing moments people would look back and on and share with their kids one day.  I loved it so much, I went on to study journalism, photojournalism, and fashion photography in college, and then worked in newspapers.  Years later, I worked in a photography studio before going out on my own as Christi Falls Photography.

I’m a mom to two sweet, loving, snuggly little boys…

Wife to the most adorable, loving man I’ve ever met…

Mom to a pair of happy, awesome rescue doggies who think I’m the best thing since tennis balls.

A photographer of weddings, couples, children, families and happy people in Charlotte, NC and all over the world.

Lover of traveling, gardening, sushi, red wine and happy people.  :)

*I’m excited to learn all about who YOU are!*

*Photo by my buddies at Lunahzon Photography!*

wedding photographers in Charlotte



Christi Falls Photography is a wedding photographer in Charlotte, North Carolina; available to travel for weddings and portrait photography worldwide.

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