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There’s going to be a baby!

I’ve been pretty much MIA on the blog here lately…. not only is it the crazy part of the wedding year (lots of emails, traveling, late nights and editing)…. AND we are expecting a sibling for Jackson the end of November/beginning of December! 

Unfortunately, I’ve been more than a little sick-I had hyperemesis gravidarum (extremely severe morning sickness) with Jackson, and though I was hoping to skip it this time, no such luck.  With a little help from my best friends Zofran and Phenergan (strong anti-nausea meds), I’m getting a little food in me now and spending a lot less time hugging the porcelain throne…. but it was pretty rough there for a few weeks. (try the past 12 or so!)

What does this mean for my clients?  For those of you already scheduled and on the books, nothing–your regularly scheduled time with me stands just as is.  My doctor tells me the end of my sick days is just around the corner (a few weeks) and I have no complications, so everything is peachy!

If you’re not on my schedule so far…it means act fast.   I will be taking on only a very few clients for weddings and portraits in order to spend as much time with my newborn and sweet little 2 year old Jackson before he grows up and starts going to preschool next year!

We find out Friday if this little one will be a boy or a girl…

photographers for children in Charlotte

Jackson is 4 months old today!

My little guy is 4 months old today!  The time has really flown by…he ate real food for the first time yesterday, sitting up in his new Winnie the Pooh highchair like such a big boy!

baby eating real food for the first time

{please excuse the camera phone photo! I haven’t had time to convert the photos I took last night with a real camera!}

Baby Jackson also had his second trip to the beach this past weekend while I was down there to do some beachside maternity portraits…

baby Jackson at the beach

beach baby

baby jackson at the beach

beach baby

He had a great time playing in the tide pools, but the beach really wore him out! <3  I can’t wait to take him more places; he is such a great little traveler!

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Falls Family Portraits by Stephanie

Hello everyone!

This past week I had the pleasure of taking some family portraits of Christi, Jay and baby Jackson. I’m so glad I finally got to meet the little guy. He is so adorable!

Also, on a sidenote, I graduated college! Yay! This past Saturday I graduated Cum Laude from Winthrop University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. I loved college and I will miss being there, but I’m excited for the future!

See you next week,


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Ashleigh + Shane=Biltmore engagement!!!

Ashleigh and Shane are getting married this July at the Biltmore Estate in July.  When we met to discuss their wedding photography, there was just one little catch–Shane hadn’t actually proposed yet!!!

Several weeks after we had met, Shane sent me an email saying he was going to propose when they went to Biltmore Estate the following weekend to work on wedding plans, and asked if I could come to photograph the moment!  Of course, I wasn’t going to miss that!  So, unknown to Ashleigh, Shane had run up that morning to meet with me and set up a sign by the Diana statue.  It started drizzling, and after being kept waiting all morning, Ashleigh really wasn’t thrilled about walking up the hill in the rain for ‘breakfast’…

I was hiding, along with my assistant, behind nearby trees to capture the moment…. and needless to say, Ashleigh was very surprised!

Biltmore Estate, Asheville engagement

After some phone calls to family and friends, they changed into the clothes Shane had packed for their first engagement session!

Biltmore engagementwww.christifalls.com

As seen in: Charlotte Wedding, Carolina Bride, Weddings Unveiled, Get Married, and The Perfect Wedding Guide

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