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Charlotte NC child photographer (Pumpkin Patch)

  I probably should have posted these a while back…but you know how it goes… The cobbler’s kids have no shoes, the doctor’s kids are always sick-and the photographer’s kid has no photos.  I am making a concerted effort to be sure I get Jackson in front of the camera more (early New Year’s Resolution)! 

This is from the day Jackson and his best friends went to the pumpkin patch.  We were a bit late in the month, so it was slim pickings in the field, but Jackson went and found his own little pumpkin anyway.  The kids loved the ride around the farm on the big tractor, and the huge pumpkins!

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This is Jackson’s best buddy ever!

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Photographers for baby in CharlotteHere’s their best girl!  She is such a sweetie-pie baby girl!

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And, then there is the newest little baby member of their kiddo playdate group…we’re waiting on him to get a little bigger so he can play too!

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I love these children! I can’t wait to do a REAL portrait session for each of them…but I do love capturing these little moments of them having fun! :)

Vancouver Island trip

  I couldn’t fit all the gorgeousness from Vancouver Island in one blog post last week, so I thought I’d do just one more post about the Butchart Gardens we visited while we were there..I LOVE to work in the garden, so I definitely had to check this out!  Everything just grows huge there, and doesn’t burn up the way a lot of flowers seem to in the heat here.  Delphiniums and foxgloves towered over my 6 foot one husband; peonies were nearly the size of my head–you literally could use just one as a bridal bouquet!  I have a hard time deciding which part of the garden is my favorite–they had an amazing sunken garden that was designed to go down into a limestone quarry, a formal rose garden, Japanese garden, Italian garden…and lots of gorgeous natural areas as well.

Vancouver Island photographers

(He LOVED riding the double decker bus..the wind in his hair cracked him up!)

Butchart Gardens sunken garden

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These blue Himalayan poppies were pretty spectacular!

Butchart Gardens in Vancouver Island

These peonies were seriously almost as big as my head, and the plant was almost my height (a little over 5’1″).  I really wish I’d done a shot for comparison.  These are one of my very favorite flowers…wish mine would get this big!


roses in butchart garden in canada

butchart garden

Butchart Gardens

Jackson had his first carousel ride while we were there…He made it a couple revolutions around, and then he wanted off!

Carousel horses at Butchart garden

Vancouver Island, BC

Vancouver Island

NC Engagement Session {Lauren and Brandon}

Dairy Barn engagement photos

Lauren and Brandon are getting married at The Dairy Barn in Fort Mill, South Carolina this December, so that was a natural spot for their fun, rustic engagement portrait session.  The Dairy Barn has so much gorgeous land around, it’s a wonderful spot for fun and natural photographs.

Wedding photographer in scLauren and Brandon share a love of watches, and they collect them together.  They often gift each other a watch at holidays and birthdays, and they love to buy matching watches.

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Dairy Barn engagement

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Dairy Barn wedding photographer

Dairy Barn engagement session

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Jackson’s Winnie the Pooh birthday party

This past week was a huge milestone in our family–Jackson turned one on Wednesday, April 18!  We waited until Sunday to have his birthday party, and he really enjoyed himself.  I had wanted to have it outdoors in the backyard we’ve been working so hard on, but the weather didn’t cooperate. Jackson had a great time anyway, and that’s what really mattered.

My husband loved Winnie the Pooh as a child, so we chose to do a Winnie the Pooh first birthday party.  He had tons of the plush characters, so I used those for the decorations, and his gorgeous (and yummy!) cakes came from Got What it Cakes.

Winnie the Pooh themed birthday partyThis little canvas is something I picked up for Jackson’s baptism, but I think I may keep it up for a lot of his parties in the future.   I love what it says…all those things are so very simple, but they are things a lot of us (myself included) forget to do sometimes.

Winnie the Pooh honeypot cake

Aren’t those cakes wonderful?!

Charlotte NC photographer

Winnie the Pooh themed party

Winnie the Pooh birthday party

winnie the pooh theme party

DIY flower arrangementThese flowers came from my flower garden…This Pooh is his very first one.  I made the tshirt for him–it was so simple!  Just an iron on patch from Hobby Lobby!

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Winnie the Pooh birthday party

Winnie the Pooh theme birthday party

first birthday party with Winnie the Pooh theme

Winnie the Pooh party theme

winnie the pooh themed party

birthday party for one year old

I know it’s not Winnie the Pooh themed, but I got this book to use as a message book for all of Jackson’s birthdays until he gets it as an adult–full of years and years worth of notes, advice, and well wishes from everyone important in his life.

Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party

birthday party with Winnie the Pooh

smash cake for birthday

smash birthday cake

first birthday smash cake

first birthday smash cakeAnd straight to the bathtub he went! ;)