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Meet Jackson!

Well, it’s my very first Mother’s Day as a mommy, so what better time than now to introduce my sweet little bundle of joy to the world??

Jackson P. Falls made us wait…he was a week overdue when my doctors finally decided to induce labor.  We ended up having to have an emergency c-section after 24 hours of labor when Jackson went into distress (his heart beat got over 200!).  It turned out to be the right thing, though-not only was he a BIG baby for my little 5’2″ self to deliver, he was also ‘sunny side up’- which meant he was facing forward instead of backward, so the broadest part of his head would have been coming out first.  NOT a good situation.

Jay was a real trooper throughout-he even watched the C-section and cut the umbilical cord!  He was amazing, and he is an amazing, incredible daddy to our sweet little boy!  Life couldn’t possibly be sweeter right now!

Anyway…..Meet Jackson…. 9 pounds, 1.1 oz, 22 inches, born Monday, April 18, 2011 at 10:06 pm.


Baby portrait session – baby Jace

My friend Jessica just had the cutest little baby boy-we got together when he turned 2 weeks old and did a little newborn portrait session.  The only thing is; he wouldn’t go to sleep! Never have I met a newborn so interested in going on around him that he refused to sleep!  Nevertheless, we got some super cute photos of her little cutie and we’ll be doing some more soon! (probably after my own little guy gets here!)

The precious little baby nest was made by Jo- she makes the most incredible blankets and little hats, too!  I definitely recommend you check her out: Cute Stuff by Jo.

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